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Brenda Yn Kernewek 2 CDs

NB: CDs ONLY AVAILABLE... The new - the only! - songbook of Brenda Wootton songs, all written or transcribed by her associate, fellow Cornish Bard, Richard Gendall, in the Cornish language: 'Brenda Yn Kernewek'. Here are 33 songs in Kernewek - 31 sung by Brenda, and taken from practice tapes, studio and concert recordings, and her existing albums - and 2 from guest artists. (NB For the purposes of displaying all tracks, the 2 CDs are listed as separate albums.


Richard Gendall wrote over 460 songs for Brenda, about a third of them in Cornish - she never had time to learn and sing them all, and for many of those we still have the music, the lyrics, the manuscripts. So we invited Hilary Coleman and Neil Davey to record one of these previously unperformed numbers - 'Hedhough E Genough', and another, 'Pryas Awen' has been contributed by Gwenno Saunders, the multi-lingual Welsh performer who has already done so much for the Cornish language. 
The songs are on 2 CDs. The songbook containing the music, and the lyrics in three languages is not available for sale, the Richard Gendall estate having refused permission due to the fact that SWF Cornish appeared in the book (as well as Richard's original Cornish lyrics, and English). There is also a history of Brenda and Richard's association and a short biography. The lyrics and printed music can be found online in the Cornish National Music Archive.

Brenda Yn Kernewek 2 CDs


As all the albums I am offering for sale are vintage, these are not factory new copies... although we believe most are unlikely to have been used. We do check for any obvious signs of damage, but the LPs are not individually photographed, and you may find light signs of cosmetic wear etc.

If you just want to return the item as you are unhappy with minor wear to the sleeve etc, we will refund on receipt of the returned item, but the postage both ways must be at your own expense. 

If however, you are unhappy with your purchase as you have found unacceptable damage which mars your listening pleasure, we will refund you in full, including return postage, once we have received the item back and had a chance to examine it.

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