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Boy Jan, Cornishman LP (Digital)

Boy Jan Cornishman, one of Brenda's best albums, in my view. Produced by Burlington Records of Hitchin in Hertfordshire in 1980, with guitarist Dave Penhale and the legendary songwriter Richard Gendall (10 of the 13 songs on the album were written by Richard).

This is a 33rpm LP, and the lyrics are printed on the back cover (in very tiny print!).

The front cover features an image for each track - and yes, that is me at bottom left, and my son Davy at bottom right - Boy Jan at top left is a Cornish miner.

The condition is generally good; may be slight fading on the cover edges and the odd light corner crease, sticker, small tear etc.

Rarity: Uncommon.

Boy Jan, Cornishman LP (Digital)

Side 1: Side 2:

Boy Jan - a love song to my son, Brenda's grandson - and to Boy Jans (Cornishmen) everywhere


Humphrey Davy - one of Cornwall's most famous sons


The Mermaid - wistful and beautiful, the story of the Mermaid of Zennor


Abel George - a humorous, if cruel, song about the life of a miner, written by Mike Sagar-Fenton


Tishomingo Blues - one of Brenda's smoothest blues numbers


Kerra Kernow - Most beloved Cornwall...

Five Threes - 3 wise men, 3 gifts, 3 shepherds, 3 fishers, 3 nails...


Allan Apple - a Cornish tradition of apple-giving on Allentide in October, as remembered by Brenda


Loving Eyes - a song for me!


James Ruse - the Cornish 'convict' who sowed the first grain in Australia


Charlie Bate - a much-loved accordion player from Padstow


I Wish That I Were Crossing Now - every bridge over the River Tamar, back home to Cornwall


Pensevyk Byghan - a lullaby written for my son Davy

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