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If you've just found our Brenda Wootton website, these are the four new or recently released items to get excited about... 3 CDs and her biography, written by me, her daughter Sue - and all are available under the Shop heading above.

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Brenda Wootton -

New releases

Brenda Wootton will be well known to some as one of Cornwall's greatest ambassadors. She made a career at home and abroad with one of the most amazing singing voices and an inspiring stage presence. 

Brenda's singing career spanned almost 30 years, and she made albums with a number of regular guitarists throughout that period. Her earliest Sentinel albums are available online, but many of the later ones, some produced abroad, are now becoming quite rare. 

I have a few spares of some, which are available from this site, most believed unused and all in very good condition. Obviously these are pretty much irreplaceable - so once they're gone - they're gone!


I have also uploaded as many tracks as possible to this site, all available under the Discography tab as 30 second previews, together with lyrics where possible - and where the quality is good enough, I have made them available as purchasable downloads at 99p each - and some of the albums are also downloadable. 

This website is very much a 'work in progress', and I will be adding to it regularly... updates will appear on the Brenda Wootton Facebook page, and if there any significant developments, I will email interested parties.

Finally - there are links below to Kesson, Kyt Davey's excellent website with a full directory of Cornish bands and musicians and their work, to Kernow Beat, an excellent site run by Richard Prest with a rich vein of Cornish musical nostalgia running through it, and my Etsy shop, Keepsies, with all manner of interesting and quirky antiques and collectables for sale. Do take a look at both!


Sue Ellery-Hill



  • The items above include the newest Brenda release, 'Brenda Sings Ballads' - a departure from the more usual Cornish-related material. We're hoping to bring out another new CD later this year... a double CD of Brenda singing entirely in the Cornish language, - nearly all the songs written by Cornish Bard, Richard Gendall. And to follow that, maybe a CD of Blues and Jazz!

  • Over 200 old audio cassettes of Brenda and Richard Gendall have been discovered, and have now been digitised, thanks to the indefatigable Richard Prest of Kernow Beat (see link below). Some are of concerts in Europe, some practice tapes, some demos... some tracks are too poor to use, but we will be making available any and all that are of interest - watch for news on this website!

  • All of the Sentinel Music Tapes acquired by a consortium of interested parties in 2017 are also now fully digitised, and hopefully should be available for members of the public to access soon. Consortium members Mic McCreadie and Richard Prest have done an amazing job preparing the tracks, and most were able to be salvaged in good condition - a few were not.

  • Archiving: work is ongoing to archive all of Brenda's material, and the songs of Richard Gendall in particular, with the aim of making the music and lyrics more accessible for all. The new Kresen Kernow Archive in Redruth have agreed to hold much of the material, together with memorabilia from Brenda's life and career, and we are hoping to get up there soon to make the necessary arrangements. The website will be updated as information becomes available. 

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