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Brenda - Cornwall's First Lady of Song...

Hengan Mor - Cminor - enhancedBrenda Wootton
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... was just one of the names she was known by. It seems each country Brenda visited and performed in, gave her their own affectionate nickname: in France, she was La Grandmere du Celtes, in Germany, Mama Cornwall, in Ireland, Herself - the Cornishwoman. At home in her native country, she was honoured as the Voice of Cornwall, and was made a Bard of the Gorsedh Kernow, taking the name 'Gwylan Gwavas' - Seagull of Newlyn'.

My mother, Brenda Wootton, dearly loved to sing. In particular, she dearly loved to sing about Cornwall and all things Cornish - the history, the legends, the countryside, the traditions, the language and the culture, and of course, the Cornish people. When, in her 50s, her professional musical career took off, the former Sennen housewife became one of the most popular Ambassadors for Cornwall around the globe. 

Finding your way around

This site is a source for all manner of information about Cornish singer, Brenda Wootton. There have been a lot of changes to this Brenda website - not least, it has now transformed into a blog, with a separate linked shop hosted on Bandcamp.

  • You'll find The Brenda Blog in the Menu Bar at the top, with all the latest news and updates.

  • Apart from one sample track on each page, all Brenda's music can now be heard , downloaded, and purchased from the Bandcamp site, and for most, there are lyrics.

  • And every available recorded song of Brenda's can be found in our NEW Track Libraries, under the Discography page on the Menu Bar... a fantastic research and resource for Brenda fans and those interested in her music.

  • Take a look at the new page under Brenda's Friends: 'The Sentinel Story'. Apart from explaining the connections between Brenda and the Sentinel Recording Studio, you'll find there a full list of all the digitised recordings recovered from the archive of Sentinel recordings, as well as a short breakdown of all of Brenda's other record labels.

  • The light green buttons in the panel below have several external Links to sites related to Brenda. The darker green links are to other sites that may be of interest.

Check it all out for yourself!

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