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Brenda Yn Kernewek

Apologies for the delay in updating my Brenda website - I've had access problems to Wix, which are still not entirely resolved - but I'm pressing on!

At last! Hopefully the website problems have now been ironed out - and I'm proud to present to you the latest creation from the Brenda Wootton archives!

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Released in July 2021, 'Brenda Yn Kernewek' is the first and only songbook of Brenda, singing 31 songs written (or transcribed) for her by Cornish Bard Richard Gendall in the 1970s and 80s.  The book contains the music and the lyrics for each song - in Richard's original Cornish, in newly-translated SWF (Standard Written Form) and in English. There are 2 extra, previously unheard, songs contributed by guest artists: the talented Hilary Coleman and Neil Davy perform 'Hedhough E Genough', and the remarkable multi-lingual Welsh performer Gwenno Saunders performs 'Pryas Awen' (courtesy of Heavenly Recordings). 'An Duren', from the CD, can be heard below, and the book with CDs is available from the shop at £20 + £3 UK p&p. 

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