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A Catchy Title...

Updated: Feb 22

Ok... , my first attempt at blogging. It wants categories? What categories? The category is Brenda, isn't it? Add a catchy title? Oh, ok...

Bear with me, I'm a blogging virgin - I'll have to pick this up as I go along.

I'm Brenda's daughter, Sue Ellery-Hill. I'm 74, and barely mobile, and live in St Just in West Cornwall with my ansum Cornishman, Chris. Brenda's been a major part of my life from day one, and no less so since she died 30 years ago, on March 11th 1994. After she died, I grieved quietly for years, concerned that if I made a fuss about her, others might think I was leaping on a Brenda bandwagon. Two things I've learned since: 1. Damn what everyone else thinks 2. There is no fortune to be made from bandwagon-jumping.

I decided Brenda's particular skills, her talent, and her contribution to Cornwall's heritage and culture were too important to be lost behind my reluctance to stick my head above the parapet. So over the last 15 years I've produced CDs of some of her recordings, I've researched, written and published her biography, and I've promoted her and her songs everywhere I can. And the reaction from old friends, strangers, old and young Cornish people everywhere, has been phenomenal.

Oh - and one more thing I learned. I enjoy writing, and I think I'm not too bad at it.

OK... is that enough for my for my first blogging effort?

PS Leave me hearts, people, and subscribe if you will, and share... there's going to be more coming soon!

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