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NEWLY RELEASED! 13 Unheard tracks...

After Brenda died in 1994, I (Sue, Brenda's daughter) inherited, amongst a lifetime's collection of Stuff, literally 100s of cassette and studio tapes. The general memorabilia has taken up most of my post-Brenda spare time, but I had always hoped to find time to sift through the tapes to discover some previously unheard gems... and this is the result. Cornish Bard Richard Gendall wrote over 460 songs for Brenda, and she didn't live long enough to learn and perform them all.

Some of what I've listened to in my researches in these muddy backwaters has been unintelligible crackly dross - cassette tapes don't generally age well - but there are also some lovely songs and tunes that deserve to be heard. These are just a few.

Here are 13 never-before-released recordings, taken from her practice tapes, amateur concert recordings and guitarists stock tapes - in other words: not studio quality. As well as Richard, there are songs by Allan Taylor, Dave Semmens, and Ewen Carruthers, and several of the blues, spirituals and burlesque songs she loved to belt out; several different guitarists are represented, including Dave Penhale, Chris Newman, Dave Semmens and of course, John the Fish. None of these recordings of Brenda, rarely heard by her audiences, have been released on her other albums. Bear in mind, these are not studio recordings...

In her introduction to a French audience, Brenda said (in French): "My songs are like my friends - each one with its own personality, its own mood. And while I sing the songs, my mind paints their portraits - may I introduce you to my friends?"

This is Brenda having a good time, singing gutsy spirituals, ballsy burlesque, moody blues, and some beautiful songs written by her songwriter friends.

Take a listen...

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