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Two Christmas Carols Single

A nostalgic single produced by RCA France for the Christmas market in 1983. Two beautiful old Cornish carols, one a much-loved Thomas Merritt, the other traditional. Brenda was accompanied by Camborne Town Band and Mousehole Male Voice Choir. This is a 45rpm single with a paper cover - the cover photo, with Brenda and my sons Davy and Jan, taken in the Engine Inn at Nancledra near Penzance.. was taken in mid summer with a blazing fire - hence the reason my boys are looking a bit pink! (All in good condition (uses one of those 3-pronged detachable centre holes, which is provided.)

Two Christmas Carols Single

Side 1: Side 2:
Hark the Glad Sound Softly, Sweetly, Through the Air


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