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Seagull LP (Digital)

Available by download only


'Seagull', with guitarist Chris Newman, was the last record Brenda recorded - and it was never properly released, as Brenda had a stroke before the final mixing was complete. All the tracks were laid down, however, in John Knight's recording studio on the Lizard - but as Brenda was not able to do the full promotion tours that would have normally happened, her French agent just rushed out the album in it's almost finished state... Brenda had planned for it to be named Sailing Gulls, and always went to great trouble to include lyrics, and to design the sleeve to ensure all musicians, photographers, engineers etc were acknowledged. Sadly none of that happened, and the album was not distributed. I have a couple of copies, and am hoping to get the album re-mastered and released in the next year or so. Watch this space...

Seagull LP (Digital)

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