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La Grande Cornouaillaise LP (Digital)

Available by download only


La Grande Cornouaillaise was recorded by Brenda for the French market in 1980, as her career on the continent was going stellar. It was produced by Burlington Records in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, number BURL007, and is a 33rpm LP. The guitarist was Dave Penhale - still playing and living (and painting!) in Cornwall.


The lyrics are printed on the back of the cover, in full, and are in English/Cornish and French, as appropriate.


The condition of these is good, believed unused, with slight fading on the cover edges and the odd light corner crease, but no damage.

Rarity: Uncommon, as with most Burlington albums.

La Grande Cornouaillaise LP (Digital)

Side 1: Side 2:

1. Ma Chere Cornouaille: My Dear Cornwall (there is a 'Cornwall' in Brittany)

2. Le Chouchenn: (a Breton alcoholic honey drink)

3. Tamar: the story of the Battle of Hingston Down in 936, when the Danes helped the Cornish

4. An Duren: a favourite Breton song about the turtle-dove

5. Plougastel: a region in Brittany much loved by Brenda

6. Little Eyes: popular Cornish traditional song

1. Le Demoiselles de Guilvinec: the Breton name for langoustines, which Brenda adored

2. Hello, How Do You Do?

3. Can Yffarn: Breton hymn sung in Cornish

4. Chere Patrie: the young man must fulfil his national service, and bids farewell

5. Kernow Ha Breizh: written in1978 to cement the bond of friendship between Cornwall and Brittany

6. Mon Dieu/La Belle Histoire d'Amour: a tribute from Brenda to Edith Piaf

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