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Everybody Knows Maxi Single

Everybody Knows was an unusual venture for Brenda - a Maxi Single, only two 45rpm tracks on an LP sized album. It was produced by Editions23 in France in 1987 as a special promotion for a global charity initiative called Walk Across the World - the title of the track on Side 2. This song, amazingly, hit the number 1 slot in the Japanese pop charts for several weeks!

The music for both tracks was written by France's well-known and much respected composer Francis Lai, but unusually again, the track on Side 1, Everybody Knows, had lyrics written by Brenda herself - and a fine job she made of it. It's a lovely track, and worth getting for that alone.

Everybody Knows Maxi Single

SKU: 0009
Side 1: Side 2:
Everybody Knows (Wootton) Walk Across the World (Lai)


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