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Children Singing LP (Digital)

Available by download only


At the request of Irene Morris, wife of recording engineer Job Morris of Sentinel Records, Brenda recorded an album with groups of children from three different schools: Alverton, Ludgvan and St Mary's in Penzance. Some of the tracks were traditional, some were written by Richard Gendall, two are Charles Causley poems adapted for music by Alex Atterson, and one, Thunder & Lightning, was composed by Brenda - the guitarist was Al Fenn. 

Children Singing LP (Digital)

Side 1: Side 2:

1. Opie, Davy, Foote, Trevithick & Bone

1. Whip The Cat

2. Onen, Deu, Try

2. Willow Tree Wand

3. John Opie

3. Jan's Courtship

4. Bring Thy Boat

4. Jan Tregeagle

5. 1497

5. Three Masts

6. Evening Prayer

6. John Polrudden

7. John Dory

7. The Soldier On The Battlefield

8. Thunder and Lightning

8. Remember Me

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