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Brenda - For the Love of Cornwall

This biography, written by Brenda's daughter Sue Ellery-Hill, was released in December 2018


"She has been described as “…probably still the most famous Cornishwoman in the world…”  An intimate and thorough account of the life and times of Brenda Wootton, Cornwall’s first lady of song. From the late 1960s for over 20 years, Brenda became Cornwall’s best-loved cultural export, taking her love of her country to the Cornish diaspora around the world.


Shedding a nostalgic light on Cornish village life, the arts scene, the ‘folk revival’, and the resurgence of interest in the Cornish language, the story also tackles what it really means to be Cornish. At times hilarious, at times harrowing, her fascinating life story is presented by her daughter Sue Ellery-Hill, who watched and assisted in her mother’s stratospheric rise to international stardom."


  • “I grew up listening to Brenda singing on Radio Cornwall every Sunday and miss that time dearly. Few people embody the Cornish spirit and what Cornwall really means to me, more than Brenda. This book will help put people in touch with her life and inspire them to listen to her music. If you love Cornwall you will love Brenda…” Rich Barrett, Cornish exile


  • “Only Sue, Brenda’s daughter, has the full story, the memory, the detail, and the courage to tell it as it was. The blood-line of engaging conversational story-telling, passed down from Brenda, her grandfather Angus and who knows how many other generations, runs sweet and true in her. It is a terrific story, beautifully and movingly told, and will give pleasure to the thousands who fell under Brenda’s spell and thousands more who were never lucky enough to know her."… Mike Sagar-Fenton, Cornish journalist & writer

Brenda - For the Love of Cornwall

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