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'B' Comme Brenda LP

'B' Comme Brenda is my personal favourite of all Brenda's recordings, I think. Recorded in John Knight's studio on the Lizard, it was produced by DiskAZ in France in 1985, with musicians Chris Newman, John Knight, the Ray Roberts Trio and Camborne Town Band - amongst others; one unusual credit is for The Woottontots, which was a multi-track recording of Brenda, harmonising with herself five times .


The title, in French, means '"B" as in Brenda' - as all the tracks have a French themed alternate title beginning with B - Burlesque, Ballade, Boeuf, etc... All the lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve in both English and French; the cover photos were taken by John Knight.

'B' Comme Brenda LP

SKU: 0008
Side 1: Side 2:

1. Benediction: Durzona

2. Brel: Song for Old Lovers

3. Ballade: Once in a While

4. Beautemps: Over the Rainbow

5. Bientôt: Soon I’ll Be Home (Telephone Song)

1. Bascule: O Holy Lord

2. Belle Grâce: Amazing Grace

3. Belmondo?: Oh Daddy!

4. Bistrôt: Baby Won’t You Please Come Home?

5. Burlesque: Nobody Loves a Fat Girl

6. Bœuf: The Last Performance


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