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All Of Me

The discovery of the master tapes of this concert, recorded in 1984, provided the material for the first new album by Brenda in 15 years and marks a significant time when she was at the peak of her musical career. Uniquely, it was the only time Brenda recorded before a live audience and confirms that as a singer from Cornwall she has no parallel. This album is a rare combination of material about Cornwall, romantic ballads, jazz and blues, but mostly it's for anyone who loves Cornwall. It's nostalgic to those who remember Brenda singing in local folk clubs and, internationally, at festivals and concerts across the world, and is relevant today to a new audience, as Brenda's voice and repertoire distinctively captures the essence of her 'country'. (Taken from John Knight's website - see link)

Berceuses Celtique


A special edition of a 45rpm EP, produced by Le Chante du Monde in Paris in July 1981. The EP has 2 lullabies on each side, each one taken from a different Celtic country, including Cornwall, Wales, Isle of Man, and Scotland. The guitarist was David King, and the EP was recorded at John Knight's Studio at Coverack in Cornwall. 
The EP has a spectacular cover, opening to reveal a 3D pop-up card scene of a mermaid, holding a heart, and resting on a large seashell on the crest of a wave. A small cherub holds up the shell, and 2 seals and a whale rise up in the foreground. This 'tableau en relief' was designed by Rozier-Gauldriault.

An amalgamation of recordings taken over several nights with Brenda and John the Fish at typical Pipers club folk nights at St Buryan Village Hall. Brenda is new to the business, and still to a certain extent learning her trade – but even at this stage the purity and range of her voice is evident. And in the finale – which includes the two best-loved closing numbers over many years at the club – you can hear Henry Bartlett blowing on his jug, Mick Bennett – Whispering Mick – on kazoo, washboard, swannee whistle and skulls, Ralph McTell on guitar, and everyone else joining in, all singing with great gusto and possibly little finesse – but all loving it. You can hear them, and the audience, loving it. That’s what Pipers was all about.  

NEW RELEASE!! ‘Brenda Sings Ballads’ – a wonderful selection of easy-listening tracks that Brenda – and her mum! – loved to sing, with songs from the shows, from old movies, and from popular recording artists from the 1930s to the 1960s. A different Brenda than you may be used to – no folk songs here, and rarely, nothing from her beloved Cornwall. Just relaxed nostalgic tunes and romantic ballads to take the chill off the cold winter evenings…Most of these songs have been saved from old audio cassettes of concerts or demo tapes recorded 40-50 years ago on domestic equipment, and not in studio conditions, hence we did not have the luxury of multi-tracked studio recordings to adjust the  balances between voice and instrument – so I am particularly grateful to Mic McCreadie of Whole-in-One Productions for his skill and tenacity in bringing these old tapes up to a sufficient quality to make for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Children Singing

At the request of Irene Morris, wife of recording engineer Job Morris of Sentinel Records, Brenda recorded an album with groups of children from three different schools: Alverton, Ludgvan and St Mary's in Penzance. Some of the tracks were traditional, some were written by Richard Gendall, two are Charles Causley poems adapted for music by Alex Atterson, and one, Thunder & Lightning, was composed by Brenda - the guitarist was Al Fenn. 

MA great single produced by Brenda for her trip to the Kernewek Lowender Festival and the Cornish communities in South Australia, in 1985. Both tracks were both written by Richard Gendall at Brenda's request, and focus on the links between the Cornish and their Australian cousins - descendants of those who went to Oz for the mining over 100 years ago and never came back. A harsh life... Brenda is accompanied by the Perran Harmony Singers and the children of Ludgvan School near Penzance in Cornwall, as well as guitarist Chris Newman. The lyrics are printed on the back, and there is an insert with more information about the songs, the places and the people. made for Brenda's tour Down Under in 1985 -

La Grande Cornouaillaise LP

La Grande Cornouaillaise was recorded by Brenda for the French market in 1980, as her career on the continent was going stellar. It was produced by Burlington Records in Hitchin in Hertfordshire under their Plant Life label,. The guitarist was Dave Penhale - still playing and living in Cornwall. The cover photograph was taken on the roof of the Palais de Congress in Paris. 

My Land

My Land was produced by RCA Germany in 1983, with a lovely selection of tracks - lots of bluesy numbers, some gentle and lyrical, and the best version of Summertime ever. It is usually seen as an LP, and was also available as a cassette. It features a host of musicians including guitarist Chris Newman, the Phil King Trio, Rog & Gill Butler, John Knight and Treviscoe Male Voice Choir. The cover photo was taken in Penzance's Morrab Gardens.

Pamplemousse LP

Pamplemousse is French for grapefruit, and Brenda was - ill-advisedly - encouraged to wear a voluminous bright yellow dress for the cover, which, although, as with all her dresses, she made it herself, did her no favours. Produced in Brittany under the aegis of Gwenn Le Goarnig, Brenda's first French agent, Gwenn also released this with a different, bold, red and white cover, possibly for the French market.

Pipers' Folk was privately produced, and the first album recorded after Brenda took over running the folk club. The recording engineer, Charles Horrell, from the Video Recording Company in Worcestershire, brought all his equipment down and recorded mostly in the club, although 4 tracks were recorded in  the Newlyn Meadery. The sleeve art was created by Brenda's brother Peter Ellery, and the Piper logo - used ever after at the club - by Brenda. The photo on the reverse was an amalgamation of two others...

Silver Net Promo

A promotional single released with two tracks from the Carillon LP. - Apple Wine and Silver Net - they can be heard on the Carillon album.

Starry Gazey Pie

Starry Gazey Pie is the traditional dish served in Mousehole on Tom Bawcock's Eve, December 23rd. Most of the songs on this album by Sentinel Records are Cornish traditional, and a few by Richard Gendall - but all are about Cornwall. The cover picture is an old sepia photograph of Vine Cottages in Trewarveneth Street in Newlyn, where Brenda lived as a little girl... she remembered the vine growing outside her bedroom window. The cottage was the former home of one of artist Stanhope Forbes' favourite models, the fisherman, Henry Kitchen, who can be seen standing outside in this photo.

Tin in the Stream

Recorded by Stockfisch Records in Germany, this album reflects Brenda and Robert Bartlett's, performing as duo Crowdy Crawn, increasing popularity on the continent - major European tours took place several times a year, around France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. 

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Recorded in John Knight's studio on the Lizard, it was produced by DiskAZ in France in 1985, with musicians Chris Newman, John Knight, the Ray Roberts Trio and Camborne Town Band - amongst others; one unusual credit is for The Woottontots, which was a multi-track recording of Brenda, harmonising with herself five times. The title, in French, means '"B" as in Brenda' - as all the tracks have a French-themed alternate title beginning with B - Burlesque, Ballade, Boeuf, etc... All the lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve in both English and French; the cover photos were taken by John Knight..

Boy Jan, Cornishman

Brenda Wootton and Dave Penhale. Boy Jan Cornishman, one of Brenda's best albums, in my view. Produced by Burlington Records of Hitchin in Hertfordshire in 1980, with guitarist Dave Penhale and the legendary songwriter Richard Gendall (10 of the 13 songs on the album were written by Richard). The front cover has a photo for every track in a checkerboard: I am bottom left, and my son Davy is bottom right!

Brenda at Christmas CD

Some newly published material and some old seasonal favourites, brought out in 2018.. This compilation of previously published tracks, together with additional archive material recently discovered on old private recordings, we hope will give you a flavour of Brenda’s enjoyment of music at Christmas, one of her favourite times of the year. These are vintage recordings, many available for the first time on CD, and Mic has done sterling work to bring them up to suitable quality.


Brenda's first album with guitarist Dave Penhale, and the first with Transatlantic, Carillon came out in 1979. Produced by Nigel Pegrum for Plant Life Productions, all the songs were written by friends of Brenda's, including Richard Gendall, Ewen Carruthers, John Bidwell and Mike Silver. The cover photo was taken at Newlyn Harbour, and the back cover shot was taken in the 'parlour' of Willy Warren's pub, The Radjel, at Pendeen - Willie is pictured in a photo on the wall behind Brenda. (A promo single is sometimes seen, featuring the tracks 'Apple Wine' and 'Silver Net' - Transatlantic BIG568).

A nostalgic single produced by RCA France for the Christmas market in 1983. Two beautiful old Cornish carols, one a much-loved Thomas Merritt, the other traditional. Brenda was accompanied by Camborne Town Band and Mousehole Male Voice Choir. This is a 45rpm single with a paper cover - the cover photo, with Brenda and my sons Davy and Jan, taken in the Engine Inn at Nancledra near Penzance.. was taken in mid-summer with a hastily erected Christmas tree and a blazing fire - hence the reason my boys are looking a bit pink! (All in good condition (uses one of those 3-pronged detachable centre holes, which is provided.)

Crowdy Crawn LP

An album exploring the Cornish language, with Brenda's mentor, Cornish language expert Richard Gendall, who went on to write over 400 songs for Brenda, many in Kernewek - later Cornoack. Crowdy Crawn is taken from the Cornish 'croder croghan', a skin sieve that was hung by the fire and held small treasures or keepsakes. Confusingly, it was later adopted by Brenda and guitarist Robert Bartlett as their stage name.

'Everybody Knows' is a Maxi Single, with two 45rpm tracks on an LP sized album. It was produced by Editions23 in France in 1987 as a special promotion for a global charity initiative called Walk Across the World - the title of the track on Side 2. This song, amazingly, hit the number 1 slot in the Japanese pop charts! Brenda also sang 'Walk Across the World' at the London launch of the charity event at the World Travel Fair in Olympia, in front of Princess Diana, to whom she was introduced on stage - but apparently in 1985, two years before the date on the record. A mystery! The music for both tracks was written by the famous French composer Francis Lai, but unusually again, the track on Side 1, Everybody Knows, had lyrics written by Brenda herself - and a fine job she made of it. It's a lovely track, and worth getting for that alone.

Gwavas Lake

So many of the songs written for Brenda by Richard Gendall were about boats, the sea and fishing, and the fishing industry is such an important one in Cornwall, that Brenda decided to produce an album exclusively with 'Cornish Songs of the Sea'.  By this time she had sung with many Cornish choirs and bands, and her great friends in Four Lanes Male Voice Choir feature on this album, together with Richard Gendall and Dave Penhale. The cover photo is Newlyn artist, Stanhope Forbes' famous painting, 'Fish Sale on a Cornish Beach'.


Brenda Wootton with guitarist Dave Penhale. Lyonesse was the first album produced in France by RCA - it has a wonderfully eclectic mix of material, from songs by Richard Gendall, blues numbers, popular standards and a Beatles number. The cover photo is taken at Land's End in Cornwall.

No Song To Sing

Brenda's first album as a professional singer was produced in 1974, with guitarist Robert Bartlett. Performing as a duo, they took their stage name from Brenda's previous album with Richard Gendall, Crowdy Crawn, and began with a tour of France. The lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve.

The first of Brenda's Sentinel Records albums... Brenda was very particular about the photo on the front... the kitchen belonged to Mrs Hitchens of Trewarveneth Street in Newlyn, who had the necessary Cornish range; the china dog on the mantelpiece, the cut glass pedestal sugar bowl, the teapot and patchwork tea cosy, the little Goss pot - all were carefully selected. A special copy of the Cornishman with the larger, all-text format, had to be found, as it had recently changed to a tabloid form - and, of course, the home-made pasty had to be just right... Other musicians who contributed included Stythians Silver Band, Mike Sagar, Steve Hall, John Sleep.


'Seagull' was the last record Brenda recorded - and it was never properly released, as Brenda had a stroke before the final mixing was complete. All the tracks were laid down, however, in John Knight's recording studio on the Lizard - but as Brenda was not able to do the full promotion tours that would have normally happened, her French agent just rushed out the album in its almost-finished state. Brenda had planned for it to be named Sailing Gulls, and as always went to great trouble to include lyrics, and to design the sleeve to ensure all musicians, photographers, engineers etc were acknowledged. Sadly none of that happened, and the album was not distributed. I only have a couple of copies myself.

So Long Audio Cassette

A lovely audio cassette, recorded at a special concert staged to raise funds for the SIDS Charity (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths - now the Lullaby Trust), and held at the Penventon Hotel, Redruth in the late 1980s. In 1983, John the Fish and his wife Carrie sadly lost their son Merrick John at the age of 4 months in a 'cot death'. Happily they were later to have two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Tabitha, both of whom were present at the Penventon for this memorable reunion concert with Brenda and Fish. The material performed represented a real 'blast from the past' for those who remember the early years of the Count House and Pipers Folk Club. Carrie became a key worker for SIDS and has worked tirelessly for the charity ever since, until her retirement in recent years. The cassette was produced by Chris Blount of Chough Tapes and Radio Cornwall.


Tamar is a compilation album with selected tracks from earlier LPs, produced in 1986 in France by DiskAZ, with producer John Knight from the Lizard (who also took the back sleeve photo). Featured musicians and accompanists are Chris Newman, Dave Penhale and Four Lanes Male Voice Choir.

Way Down To Lamorna

Featuring Brenda with Robert Bartlett, Richard Gendall, 'Way Down to Lamorna' is a compilation of favourite tracks from Brenda's earlier Cornish Sentinel albums. Produced in 1984, the album includes tracks from SENS 1006, 1016, 1021, 1031 & 1036.

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